School Desks Find a New Home

In 2007 the Bureau of Land Management obtained some classic school desks from the Tombstone Schools for use in the rehabilitated Fairbank Schoolhouse. Desks not needed at Fairbank have been in storage at the Empire Ranch headquarters until recently. On December 7, 2019, the desks were picked up by Patagonia Museum curators, Tom and Linda Shore.

The desks eventually will be placed in the historic school house in Lochiel, AZ, southeast of Patagonia. Built before 1905 of adobe and used as a schoolhouse through the 1970’s, the Lochiel Schoolhouse, which is owned by the Patagonia School District, has been leased by the Patagonia Museum for the purpose of preserving this historic site as a historic and educational facility for students and the community.

Posted 2/15/2020