Outreach and Education



Foundation volunteers are available to participate in public events around Southeastern Arizona to share information about the Empire Ranch and its legacy to those attending the event.  We have a portable display that includes illustrations of the history and life on the Empire Ranch, brochures, flyers for upcoming events, and other items of interest pertaining to the Empire Ranch and the Foundation.  When possible we have an array of items for sale from our gift shop.


Foundation speakers are available to provide educational presentations to classrooms or community groups on the history of the Empire Ranch and the Empire Ranch Foundation.  Listed below are several talks currently available.  We are happy to tailor presentations for specific interests.  Classroom presentations are free of charge.  We appreciate contributions to the Empire Ranch Foundation for our presentations to community groups.

  • Arizona’s Empire Ranch–a Prominent Past and Promising Future–25 minute presentation with slides summarizing the history of the Empire Ranch, preservation of the Empire Ranch buildings, and the Empire Ranch Foundation’s history and activities.
  • Diary of a Desert Trail: 1890 Cattle Drive from Arizona to California–20 minute presentation with slides of the Empire Ranch’s boycott of the Southern Pacific Railroad’s cattle shipping rate hike. The drive of 900 steers began in January, 1890 and took two months and ten days to complete.