Empire Ranch Foundation

ERF Membership Rate is Reduced!

Posted on December 1, 2023

The Empire Ranch Foundation is reaching out. This important historic site is capturing more and more hearts in the communities in the region. Ironically, most people don’t realize that it takes their support to achieve the worthy goal of preserving these ranch buildings. Foundation membership demonstrates that the Empire Ranch is meaningful to more and more people. The more members we have, the more matching funds we can earn from our partners.

The Foundation has made a big decision. We’ve reduced our basic membership to only $35.00. Now, honestly, we’d love to receive more financial support from everyone for this important piece of Arizona history, but we are taking a chance on you. We are asking you to encourage your friends and acquaintances to take advantage of this reduced rate. Financial support is the one thing you can do that doesn’t require time or energy. We urge you to help in this campaign. Membership means caring and caring means future generations will enjoy the beauty and history that is the Empire Ranch.

If you are not a member, please consider joining by clicking here. If you are a member we hope your membership is current.  If you’re unsure of your membership status contact send an email to admin@empireranchfoundation.org.