Empire Ranch Foundation

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    …sty Vail by Glenda Bonin (2013) National Public Lands Day at the Empire Ranch by Barbara Hensen (2013) Scenes from the 2013 Roundup & Open House by Steele Photography (2013) The Empire Ranch in 3-D (3-D glasses required) by KingRalf (2011) 2010 Roundup & Open House by Linda Gregory (2010) The Historic Empire Ranch by Bob Lee (filmed in 1998, uploaded 2012)…

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    …ov 2002, p. 4 NCA Dedication Celebrates Partners, Feb 2002, p. 2 WATG Camps–Wild about the Grasslands WATG 2013, Feb 2013, p. 3 Register Now for WATG, May 2012, p. 2 Save the Dates for WATG Summer Camps, Feb 2012, p. 3 Wild About the Grasslands 2011, Aug 2011, p. 3 Last Chance to Register for WATG 2011, May 2011, p. 3 WATG Spring and Summer Camps announced, Feb 2011, p.3 Santa Cruz Cachers, Feb 2011, p.4 New Summer Camp for Youngsters Premiers, A…

  • Chiricahua Ranches Company Ownership, 1928-1951

    …ding son Fred. Courtesy of Lynn Rubel. B410-109 Henry Boice President ANLA – 1930-1933 Henry Boice was elected President of the American National Livestock Association (ANLA) in 1930. He served in this capacity until 1933. His presidential address in 1932, during the Great Depression, cautioned his fellow ranchers. “In times like them it behooves all of us to stop and analyze the effects of present circumstances and changing conditions upon the ch…

  • Banning Vail, 1909-1929

    …n of the Throop baseball team from 1907-1908 and was elected Representative-at-Large in the Throop student government in 1907. His daughter Dusty Vail noted:” I think that he had planned originally to spend more time in school than he did. But, you know, each one had to pull his own.” [Dusty Vail Ingram oral history, 1993] Borderlands Highway route from Ft. Huachuca to Tucson. Good Roads Association, 1913. Borderland Highway – 1913 By 1913 use of…

  • Gift Shop

    …ndation Gift Shop is located inside the Empire Ranch Visitor Contact Station. The Gift Shop is open: September – April Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 11 am to 3 pm May – August Second and fourth Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm During special events Items for sale include Empire Ranch Foundation denim shirts, t-shirts and books, souvenir coffee cups, Western jewelry and an ever changing offering of gifts for youngsters and seniors – and everyone else in between…

  • Empire Ranch is Purchased and the Hard Work Begins (August-December 1876)

    …stang Mountains in the background, 1880s. ERF archives: A530-08 September 1-9, 1876 – Empire Ranch Expansion Begins Hislop writes (9/23/1876): “We have got another ranch now and 620 sheep on it, we bought the man that owned them out. He was ill with fever and got disgusted so let us have them cheap. We gave him 4/-a head, that is cheap enough and they come in very handy to us as meat and when we can get 50 lbs. of meat for 4/-it is not so bad. I t…

  • Anamax Ownership, 1975-1988

    …roundup. Tucson Citizen photo of Boice Hereford sale, 1975 Boice Hereford Sale – 1975 “The entire breeding herd of the Empire Ranch has been sold at auction in Tucson scattering forever some of the finest Hereford bloodlines in the Southwest Brought to Arizona in 1912 from the sprawling XIT Ranch in Texas the herd has been the pride of the Boice family in Sonoita for generations. The herd belonged to the family of Robert G. Boice of Globe and to…

  • Frank & Mary Boice Family Ownership, 1951-1969

    …p was 50% Pancho Boice and 50% Bob and Miriam Boice. Pancho managed the day-to-day operations of the Empire Ranch and Bob did the same for the Slash S. Grant Boice recalls: “…we would ship the calves from the Empire up to the Slash S. Instead of selling them at the Empire, we’d pasture them on the Slash S from the fall through the spring. We would sell them from the Slash S in the spring. Everything they did, they did together.” [Grant Boice oral…

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    …ick here to apply….

  • Vail & Gates, 1888-1909

    …rs. Gage, and R.R. Richardson came in town yesterday with Walters fine four-in-hand. They had a fine dash along the road. Things looked queer for a time and Walter says he would give a thousand dollars for a photo of their looks at one time. This thing of driving four spirited horses to a buckboard with three lines on the ground and only one line in hand is not exactly to the taste of the remainder of the party even if Walter does like it. Mrs. Ga…