Empire Ranch Foundation

The Empire Ranch House

The Empire Ranch House originated as a simple, flat roof four-room house (Rooms 1-4 and 6), constructed of hand cast adobe blocks between 1871 and 1874. Around 1878 a rear addition to the original Ranch House was added to provide room for staff and business offices (Rooms 9-18). Starting in 1878 the Victorian Addition for the family began to be constructed. It included six rooms constructed of adobe (Rooms 19-23, 29) and a Children’s Addition constructed of wood frame (Rooms 24-28).

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  1. Vail or Hislop Bedroom, Cowboys’ Quarters, Commissary
  2. Zaguan, Hall, or Breezeway
  3. Vail or Hislop Bedrooms, Cowboys‘ Quarters,
  4. Kitchen, Cowboys’ Dining Room
  5. Meat Freezer
  6. Store Room, Company Store, Cowboys’ Quarters
  7. Cowboy’s Bath
  8. Foreman’s Quarters, Cook’s Quarters
  9. Cook’s Bath
  10. Lower Kitchen, Cowboys’ Kitchen
  11. Office
  12. Bookkeeper’s Quarters, Guest Room
  13. Corral, Zaguan, Hall
  14. Family Cook’s Quarters, Kitchen Pantry
  15. Rear Hall
  16. Cowboys’ Cook’s Quarters, Cowboys’ Shower & Laundry
  17. Upper Kitchen or Family Kitchen
  18. Pantry & Storage Area
  19. Front Porch
  20. Living Room
  21. Porch, Dining Room
  22. Master Bedroom
  23. Middle Room, Guest Room, Family Room
  24. Closet
  25. Children’s Room
  26. Children’s Bath
  27. Children’s Room, Guest Room
  28. Porch, Screen Porch, Sleeping Porch
  29. Master Bath